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Hello Farmers! As you know easter has arrived in family barn," Easter has arrived in Family Farm!" To help you a little in the missions - or to help you decide if you should do these missions or not - here are a few explanations and suggestions about them. Hope you find them useful!

1. Harvest 20 Daffodils
Plant 20 daffodils, wait 5 hours, and harvest.

2. Collect 4 Easter Eggs
Ask your neighbors for 4 easter eggs.

3. Buy a Chocolate Easter Bunny
You can buy this in the Store by for only coins, no RC needed.   

4. Produce 60 Pink Easter Eggs
For this, you need the Easter Egg Machine. The machine costs 1,100 coins, but you still need to finish it. The materials are 12 Gear, 10 Screws, 1 Paint Tube, and 1 Brush. You can get all of these materials for either RC or as free gifts from you friends, except for the Brush. The Brush costs 6 RC. When you complete this mission, there are 3 RC in the reward, so you get half of you RC's back!
The machine can produce 1 Pink Easter Egg per minute, and the eggs sell for 126 coins per piece.

5. Build an Easter Basket
You can get the basket in the Store for 900 coins. All necessary materials you can get for free as gifts from your neighbors, so no RC are needed here. The materials are: 12 Flowers, 10 Paint Tubes and 12 Bamboo Rings.

6. Produce 120 Loafs of Bread
The Bakery that you need to bake the Bread, costs 6,500 coins. No materials are needed to complete the machine. But keep in mind that you have to be at least level 14 before you can buy it. To make Bread, use Flour and Eggs.